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Samba Financial Group chairman

Mr. Eisa M. Al-Eisa


Mr. Al-Eisa is Chairman of Samba Financial Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and he is also the Chairman of Sambacapital.

Mr. Al-Eisa is a prominent and active member in a number of key economic, social, educational and philanthropic bodies and committees. He is a Board Member in the Council for Competitive Protection, the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, the Investment Board of Public Pension Agency, Board of Trustees of King Saud University, Board of the Trustees of Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, King Fahd University Endowment, Prince Sultan International Prize for Water. And previously he was a Board Member in the Saudi Arabian Investment Fund, the Advisory Committee for the Supreme Economic Council, International Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trustees of the Centennial Fund, the Sports and Youth Welfare Development Board, Board of Trustees of the American University of Beirut.

In May 2017, the Union of Arab Banks? Summit honored Mr. Al-Eisa who has been unanimously chosen as the Arab Banker of the year 2017. His selection for this prestigious award was made by the board member representing 20 Arab states, which have chosen him for this award in recognition of his continuous efforts and wise leadership of the leading posts he held.